Japan Visit Putting the Karol Bagh Call Girls Together part 1

It is an Island Country of East part of asia, Japan is located in beside of pacific ocean region,  These countries are a very bustling country, in this country you will continue to experience tremors of earthquakes, Because these countries are a island of natural calamities, You may also have to face storm  here,

You may also have to face storm here, But whatever the country is a very funny country, I have come here with the Karol Bagh Call Girls last month visiting this country, These countries may be turbulent but the people here are very quiet, they are not angry people, Japan is built by combining four major islands name is Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, If you see, here you will find 6800 small Islands, But there will be about 300 islands, the area is about 1 kilometer.

 Japan is also a religious country, here Buddhism is the most recognized, approximate 96% of Japanese are going to believe in Buddhism,.

How to reach Japan:-

By Air:-

This is the best way to reach in Japan, Japan is well connected via rail route from india, almost all major city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai are well connected from here, From all these cities you will get daily air service, By non- stop flight you can reach to Japan in within 8 hour, By the airplane, you can take Japan without much tiredness, So if you want to go and get early, you can go by air route, Me and the Karol Bagh Call Girls went to Japan only by air route,

By Sea:-

 If you are going to Japan to celebrate long vacation and honeymoon, then you can go through Via Sea, You can go for this by booking a place on a luxury cruise, It will take about two weeks for you to reach Japan via sea route, And in this two weeks you can get a lot of time for your partner, which will be a very good experience, But if you want to stay in Japan for a long time, you should go by air route, this is a better means,

Now I'm going to tell you about Japan's Famous Food

 Yakitori:- It is a non-vegetarian food, usually made by chicken, But today it is made by other types of meats, Vegetables are also used to make this food, vegetables and meat are grilled and mixed, And then it is eaten together with sauce

Miso Soup:- This is a type of side dish, because Japanese people drink it after Dinner or launch, This is the recipe prepared by the soybean paste, And you can eat and drink by adding tofu, onion and paneer, in the prepared thin paste, This is a vegetarian soup, and very tasty, I and the keyword girl also liked this soup, There was also a possibility of liking this soup, in Japan you get more quantity of non-veg, And we were fully vegetarian because we liked this soup more, so if you are vegetarian then this soup will be better for you

Shabu shabu:-  this  is a Japanese Hot Pot, This food is cooked by adding hot water, It is both Non-vegetarian and vegetarian, If you like vegetarianism, then you can eat vegetarian stuff like tofu, anion, carrot, boil it with water, and eat a sauce, Non-Vegetarian people can eat it by mixing small pieces of meat and a small piece of some vegetable, As it is, it is very tasty, the keyword girl liked this dish very much, So you can use it without hesitation,

Sushi:- this is the one of the most famous food in japan, this food is famous on world wide, This food is cooked together with rice and vinegar, You can also mix it with vegetables, meat and fish, This is the most fame in Japan,

Ramen:- this is also a famous dish in japan, This is a noodle type dish, a noodle made from flour is eaten with soya soup, In it, you can also add other types of items such as egg, small peace of meat, tofu etc, This dish without meat, our Karol Bagh Call Girl looked very tasty, They have learned how to make this dish, If you also want to learn to make this dish, then you should contact our keyword girl, This will teach you to make this dish very well,

Tempura:-  This is a very different type of dish which Japan's people love very much, These dishes are prepared by seafood, Old-fashioned people used to prepare this dish through a sea snake, But now it is now also prepared by the fish due to external tourists, It is now being prepared by Vegetable, and the Vegetarians have also started enjoying this dish very much, It can be prepared by any vegetable.

Kare raisu:- These Indian dishes are similar to Kadhi-Rice, But in this dish you will get Japanese taste, People of Japan also mix the pieces of meat in it, From the confluence of Japanese masala, it gives a slightly different taste, If you are Indian and prefer Vegetarian, then you can make it veg as well, So you can eat it,

Okonomiyaki:- This dish is made by adding flour, egg and yam, If you want to add other things in it, they can use any other vegetable, Those who like meat can also use meat in it, People of Japan love it very much


In today's article I will be able to write so much, now you will read about other Famous Dishes in the next article, You can also get all this information from our keyword girl, For information, you book our Karol Bagh Escorts service and ask for time and get information, Their number will be found by their website, then go and call, or else I wait for the next article, Good night till then, You will also endeavor to give us your feedback, we will also be waiting for your feedback.

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