Hyperacidity a flammable disease

Hyperacidity a flammable disease


One day I sat on office of Connaught Place Escorts service,  suddenly I feel sore in my throat, and my throat stared  burning, My mind was startled,The pain in my stomach had begun,My friend, who used to work here on the keyword service, asked  me, what happened to you,I said my throat and stomach is burning,After that the Connaught Place Escorts service provider took me to the doctor,The doctor did my checkup and asked what you had eaten,I said I had eaten the food of the market,The doctor told me to eat food from the market, I said that I often ask for food from the market,Then the doctor said that stop eating the food of the market,You've become hyper-acidity,If you do not stop the food from the market then you will become ulcer, and the lever will also become weak,My friend started shouting at me and said,I always refuse to eat the goods of the market, yet they do not believe it,As long as he lives with me, he does not eat, but once again he starts eating again,


The doctor started talking to my friend, who works for the Connaught Place Escorts service, turned and talked to him,He said to them, you are his good friend, he said, yes, then the doctor said, explain to them,Hyper-acidity is a very bad disease, which is caused by bad eating,If you prefer the food of the market then it is certain to be sick,Due to eating more oil and spicy food, this is a disease,To avoid this disease, people should also stay away from fast food,Nowadays more children and people are becoming victims of this disease,Because people are more like eating market food and fast food,Because of which people are being hit by this disease,My friend asked the doctor what is the symptom of this disease,After that the doctor told him the symptoms.


Causes, Sign and Symptom and prevention of Hyper-acidity


Caution:-If you take too much stress or stay in excessive tension, you may have acidity,More spicy, more roasted, and non-vegetarian food also has a one causes of acidity,If you consume alcohol or smoke, then you may have acidity,The use of excessive medicine is also the reason,Therefore, by using or preventing the use of all these things you can remove acidity.


Sign & Symptom:-If you are feeling jealous in the throat and stomach, then you may be affected by acidity,Excessive sweating from the body, and panic is also caused by acidity,Being of sour belching is also called acidity,People start Nausea in acidity,If you have constipation, you may be affected by acidity disease,


Prevention from Hyper Acidity:-if you are affected by hyper acidity then avoid spicy food quickly, eat  more use of green leafy vegetables and fruits,Forget the food that is hard to digest,You do not eat a lot together, Take a little bit 5-6 times a day,Use plenty of soft and liquid substances,Do not sleep immediately after eating,

Let's walk a little before and after eating,Wake up in morning and make exercises and yoga,Use the least of the medicine,


Then my friend asked what fruit and vegetable to get relief in this disease and which food should not be used



Fruit, drinks and vegetables, which would have been good for hyper-acidity,


Green stuff:- To make maximum use of green stuff, it is easy to digest; oil and spices are not used in it,This type of food keeps you away from other diseases and makes your body healthy,Eating basil leaves is beneficial in acidity,Make a decoction of basil leaves and drink it, it is very beneficial in acidity,


Butter-Milk:-Butter milk is very useful for acidity, butter milk does not have fat, fat extracted from milk and make curd and it mix to water and make butter milk, Mixing sugar candy and black salt in butter milk than drinking  is more beneficial in hyper acidity.


Jaggery:-Magnesium intake is beneficial in hyper-acidity, magnesium has a higher intake in Jaggeri,The taste of jaggery is sweet and it is also delicious in food,It should be used daily after meals, this will not lead to acidity,It also works to digest polluted food,If you live in a polluted city then it is very important to eat jaggery,It also protects your heart against being polluted,


Coconut water:- Coconut water is an enemy of acidity,When you drink coconut water it reduces acid significantly,Coconut water should have excessive fiber, which reduces acid by eating your food, digested food well,


Banana:- Banana makes your stool soft and soft,So that you do not have constipation, if you do not have constipation then there is less chance of getting acidity,


Apple vinegar:- If you drink two to three spoons of apple vinegar in water, it gives relief from acidity,The use of cloves also drives away acidity,You use ginger in acidity, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds, is also beneficial in hyper acidity.


Liquid:- If you use more quantity of water daily, you will not have acidity problems,plumsyrup is also useful in acidity.


Do not eat tomato, Milk, Egg, or non-vegetarian food in acidity, It increases the acid in your stomach, so eat soft and digestive food only.


By listening to all the doctor's sayings and pledging to follow their point of view, and come back to Connaught Place Escort office. My friend explained me a lot, My friend and I stayed in the office at night,Because my friend lived in the Connaught Place Escort office,I got tasteless food at night, but in the morning I got some rest.

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